Festive Limited Editions


Treat yourself and your loved ones with the magic of Provence this Christmas with our Festive Limited Edition Gifts. Celebrate with your nearest and dearest and gift the Limited Edition scents of L'OCCITANE's Shea Sparkling Leaves, Powdered Shea and Almond and Flowers collections.

Powdered Shea Limited Edition

Cosy and Comforting

The soft, comforting scent inspired by olive branches. Where the shea nut meets the bark of the olive tree, creating, green, delicate notes.

Our hand cream is made from 95% recycled aluminum tubes, and our Solid Soap had sustainably sourced and recyclable packaging

Shea Sparkling Leaves Limited Edition

Fresh and Effervescent

The Sparkling Leaves range is inspired by olive tree leaves enriched with fresh notes of fruits sparkling against the warm backdrop of woody shea nut.

Our Shower Gel bottle is 100% rPET (made from 100% recycled PET bottles) and our Body Cream jar is made from aluminum, so it's forever recyclable.

Almond and Flowers Limited Edition

The first limited edition almond shower oil scent! The scent of the Almond and Flowers range is inspired by the blossom of the olive tree. Enriched with almond oil and olive oil sourced in Provence and in the Mediterranean Basin. This shower oil transforms into a sheer milky lotion for gentle cleansing and lasting hydration.

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It was the 1970’s when Olivier Baussan established the traditions that still
de􀃶ne our guiding philosophies. In our partnership with artist Steven Wilson,
we choose joy. His retro yet contemporary designs, inspired by nature,
bring to life the joy, freedom and sense of infinite possibility of that time