Commitment Scarves

Inspired by furoshiki, a Japanese Art of Gifting, we have created a no-waste alternative gift wrap.

Through the sale of these wraps, 100% of all proceeds will be donated to our 2 local initiatives.


Today there are 1.1 Billion people in the world who are blind or visually impaired. Over 90% of cases are preventable by early detection and care. L’OCCITANE supports
‘caring for Sight’ initiatives around the world and has been doing so for 22 years with over 13 million beneficiaries. L’OCCITANE South Africa have partnered with VisionBox since 2019 to bridge the gap between ‘the need for eye care’ and ‘access to eye care’ Over this period we have provided 400 Adults and Children with eyecare, as well as purchased the equipment and machinery for the opening of the second VisionBox location which is able to service over 10 000 beneficiaries over the next 5 years.


Our aim for 2022/23 is to support VisionBox in screening over 2000 children and providing eyecare for between 400-500 children across South Africa.

Our Art Workshop 2022

In April 2022, together with VisionBox & Carol Bouwer, we hosted an art workshop with 36 children from the Mbekweni community whom we had provided prescription eyewear for. Each of these children received their glasses and were honoured with an interactive art experience. At the workshop, these 36 children let their creativity flow, through a guided journey of discovering colour they produced beautiful art pieces. The judges narrowed down from 36 artworks, to a top 11 of which all received a prize. Once collated, we launched an online ballot system in which we then asked the public to vote for their top 3. Here our limited edition scarves were iscovered. These beautiful and playful designs were printed into a series of commitment scarves.

Our Winners

Our Local Initiatives 2022/23

The VisionBox Foundation

This project, the Foundation will support eye care for 11,500 beneficiaries by 2025.

Our Second VisionBox Location – Western Cape, South Africa

Clear vision changes lives.

Less than 8% of optometrists in South Africa work in the public sector, trying to assist almost 80% of the population (around 42 million people).

Unfortunately, almost half of the population live below the upper-bound poverty line of R1227 per month, meaning basic eye care is a luxury and not something they can afford.

After seeing the amazing impact of the first VisionBox implementation of a custom fitted container placed in Mbekweni, we have funded the successful opening of a second location in the Paarl area. Once open, the VisionBox can offer eye care and become sustainable from day one – providing a self-sustaining business model while supporting the surrounding community.

Through the purchasedthe equipment and machinery for the opening of the second location we are able to service over 10 000 beneficiaries over the next 5 years.