Preserve Perfection with Natural Skin Care Products from Provence

With very few exceptions, all babies are born with perfectly clear, soft natural skin which mothers are at pains to care for by using the mildest, gentlest products, designed specifically for sensitive newborns. Bottoms are carefully cleaned with baby wipes at every nappy change, creams are applied to prevent nappy rash, and diapers are changed regularly.

More carefully selected baby skin care products are brought out at bath time, ideally those which contain mainly natural ingredients. These may include a gentle shampoo which cannot sting eyes, a moisturising cream if required, and a special body soap or aqueous cream with which to cleanse.

Baby may also be dusted lightly with baby talcum powder, although this practice occurs less often nowadays, since it is thought that fine powder particles may begin to clog tiny pores or irritate the newly developed, as yet slightly immature respiratory system.  

Neglect Sets In

When describing perfect skin, it is frequently referred to as being “as soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom”. Then why on earth is it not maintained in this perfect condition all the way into maturity and beyond, especially since so much regular care was lavished on the skin initially?

Other Perceived Priorities

It is really unfortunate that people fail to continue the routine, which their mothers initiated. Admittedly, the dermis becomes thicker and somewhat less delicate throughout childhood and into the teens, and children can be notoriously lax about spending time on personal care; they would far rather be playing and exploring the big wide world out there.

Sadly, environmental damage and that created by lack of care and/or use of good, natural products only really manifests later in life – in maturity, when it is really too late to exercise preventative measures.

Never Too Late to Take Action

It is never too late, however, to pay attention to your skin and improve or maintain its condition, especially if you are using natural products containing proven active ingredients, just like those which we produce in the French Provencal region.

Time and a Busy Lifestyle

People lead very busy, pressurised lives at a hectic pace. The workplace is highly competitive, full of stresses and stressors, which take their toll on overall health and well-being. Living costs increase with frightening regularity and the availability of precious leisure and relaxation time decreases.

It is simply inaccurate to claim that you have too many other responsibilities and not enough time to take proper care of your skin. Whilst it is true that you may not be able to fit frequent visits to your beautician into your schedule, a good skin care routine can and should be an integral part of your daily personal grooming regimen and it needn’t take long either.

Four Quick, Easy Steps

It all begins with daily basic and essential care for the complexion, in four quick, easy steps:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Moisturise
  • Protect

There is absolutely no reason why one cannot allocate a few minutes to following these simple steps. If you haven’t been doing so already, you will soon see positive results and so will everyone else who knows you, especially if you make use of our top-quality natural skin care products.

Our Natural Products

  • Use what Nature abundantly provides.
  • Fragrances are natural and soft, derived from plants’ essential oils and incorporated in effective combinations and safe concentrations contained within formulations.
  • Avoid potentially harmful chemicals and toxic substances contained in ingredients.
  • Stay away from the possibility of developing allergic reactions, some of which may be unsightly and/or harmful or damaging.
  • Tried and tested all natural, active ingredients deliver desired results, whilst being gentle and kind to the skin.
  • Contribute to maintaining a more eco-friendly, safe environment.
  • Relaxing and purifying lavender and geranium are outstanding natural skin care products, great for dry, sensitive, oily and non-cystic acne conditions, as well as reducing the visible signs of wrinkles and improving skin’s tone and elasticity.
  • In combination with daisies, immortelle flowers help to even skin tone and brighten the complexion.
  • Enduringly fragrant roses, verbena, peonies, cherry blossoms, angelica, myrtle, cade, almond flowers and shea butter are also used extensively in our formulations.
  • We are actively involved in innovative research at our laboratory in Haute-Provence, where we focus on natural beauty products and their multiple beneficial properties.


Roots in Provence

Literally and figuratively, our company’s roots are located in the floral heart of France, namely Provence, ever since 1976. There is just no better way to have beautiful, healthy glowing complexion than to “go natural” with your skin care products.