Lavender Cleansing Hand Wash

The Lavender Cleansing Hand Wash gently cleanses without disturbing the skin’s natural PH balance, leaving hands clean, fresh and lightly scented.
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Lavender Cleansing Hand Wash


All the freshness of Provence in an extra soft hand wash.

Enriched with purifying P.D.O. lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence, this cleansing gel leaves hands clean, fresh and pleasantly scented. The gentle, non-drying lather won't disturb the skin's natural PH balance - just washed hands are soft and comfortable.


Apply on wet hands, make it foam and rinse.


Fields of blue gold lavender grow around Provence, their relaxing scent bursts into the air as you walk through them. One of the first flowers distilled by Olivier Baussan, the founder of L’OCCITANE, our range gives you many ways of bringing lavender into the home. So, if you’re looking for calm and relaxation, reach for our collection of soaps, perfumes, body care and hand creams. Lavender


Lavender Essential oil from Haute-Provence's P.D.O

Plant-based soap


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    Lavender Cleansing Hand Wash

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