Before adopting a haircare routine, it is important to know your hair type, to know its characteristics as well as which products are beneficial to it. Hair type also typically changes with season, but we've got you covered! Read our guide below to help you find the best products and treatments to suit your hair, as well as some beauty tips to keep your hair in perfect condition!

Oily/Greasy Hair

Ideal for normal to oily hair (including greasy hair), the Aromachology Purifying Freshness range combines the revitalising properties of five essential oils with the purifying power of a plant-based vinegar.

These ultra-fresh, silicone-free formulas helps to revitalise and purify normal to oily scalps. Built-up residue that suffocates the hair is eliminated. The hair and scalp are left feeling revived and fresh!

Damaged Hair

If you are suffering with damaged hair, our Aromachology Intense Repairing Hair Care range offers anti-breakage effectiveness, using a combination of five essential oils and regenerative amino acids to help repair, strengthen and protect your hair.

For hair that looks soft and beautifully shiny from root to tip.

Curly/Frizzy Hair

Across a few different ranges, we have products that are ideal for curly or frizzy hair. Some products from our Aromachology Intense Repairing Hair Care range offer hydration, anti-breakage effectiveness and help to reduce frizzy hair by using a combination of five essential oils.

Our Aromachology Gentle & Balance Hair Care range is enriched in essential oils and & helps to keep your looking hair healthy.

It is great for this type of hair leaving it feeling supple and silky; regaining its natural shine!

Dry Hair

Our Aromachology Nourishing Hair Care range provides concentrated nourishment for dry hair right from root to through to the tip. Free from sulphate and silicone, these products help to repair and intensely nourish hair.

We recommend using shampoos and conditioners can be used daily or as often as needed and treatments once or twice per week.

Fine/Thin Hair

Struggling with fine hair or lack of body? The Volume & Strength range introduces a new hair care routine to give strength and body to thin hair. Discover the new fortifying complex which your hair needs.

Its formulas combine five stimulating essential oils with strengthening amino acids, which act to help strengthen the hair fibre, coat the hair and reduce hair fall due to breakage.

SOS Multi-Masking

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