True Beauty Begins with Facial Cleansers from Provence

For quite some time, scientists on the cutting-edge of research have been reverting to the use of natural remedies, products and ingredients again, some only finding out for the very first time just how effective they can be in the medical and skin care fields – especially that of facial cleansers.

Using the world’s finest natural skin care ingredients, our company’s headquarters are located in the beautiful French region of Provence. Provence, of course, is well-known for its lavender fields and this is where L’OCCITANE’s ingredients are grown, harvested and incorporated into our ranges of outstanding natural skin care solutions and facial cleaners, since true beauty begins with a healthy, clear and radiant skin.

Start at the Beginning with the Basics

Without exception, all good complexion care should start with effective, yet gentle cleansing in order to have immaculately clean, fresh skin, free from cosmetic and environmental debris and pollutants. Gentle procedures and products ensure that skin is not irritated or damaged in any way.

Freedom to Function

Healthy, well-cleansed skin breathes and functions naturally as it was intended to do and also absorbs additional care products far better than would otherwise be the case. Thorough cleansing is typically followed by the application of a toner, moisturiser and a protective agent – it’s that simple!

Daily Regimen

If you are using the correct products for your skin type, your twice daily basic beauty regimen should not take long either, soon becoming part of your overall cleansing and grooming routine, just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

Knowledge is the Key

Harsh or incorrect products are likely to do more harm than good and may actually create problem conditions where none existed or exacerbate those which are already present. In order to ensure that your complexion always looks its best and maintains its health, it is vital that you know your skin type – dry, sensitive, combination, oily, mature or ageing – and use the appropriate formulations.

Professional Assessment, Diagnosis and Recommendation

The highly trained and experienced consultants at our exclusive boutique outlets have the knowledge and expertise to assess and diagnose your skin type and other dermal beauty problems. After a thorough analysis, they are able to make optimal care and treatment product recommendations, always beginning with the crucial facial cleanser.  

In addition to a mild yet highly effective make-up remover, our range of gentle facial cleansers is available in a variety of formulations – oil, milk, gel and foam. No harsh, drying chemicals are incorporated, only the finest ingredients of natural origin.

First and Lasting Impression

An old English nursery rhyme contains the line: “‘My face is my fortune, Sir,’ she said”. Whilst such a statement my no longer really hold water in 21st century cultures and societies, your visage is the first feature which you present for the entire world to see, since it is seldom completely covered – very important when making that vital and enduring “first impression”.

Unlock your True Beauty

You deserve the best and we want you to have it. Our commitment and focus is dedicated to providing you with the key to unlocking your true beauty, offering you and other women worldwide the finest beauty gifts from nature – natural facial cleansers, skin, body, bath and hair care formulations, richly imbued with the active, inimitable essences of Provence.