Exceptional Natural Eye Cream Brightens Beautiful Eyes

Many women have to take great care in the selection of eye cream for this specifically delicate area and its extremely finely textured, sensitive skin – quite different from and more fragile than that found elsewhere on the face. Choosing the wrong or a too rich formulation may result in the formation of swelling and bags beneath the eyes, which may also be a symptom of allergic reaction to certain of the ingredients contained within the cream.

Our eye creams consist of precise combinations of meticulously researched and tested active natural ingredients, providing you with gentle yet effective solutions to hydrate and soothe the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes. These formulations help combat signs of fatigue, brightening and refreshing this tell- tale area.

About the Eye Area

The finely textured, fragile dermal surface around the eyes requires special care, hydration and nourishment just as other parts of the face and body do, although the formulation of eye cream is different and specialised, especially since the eye area is frequently one of the first and earliest places to display signs of ageing. Lines around eyes are typically known as “crow’s feet” or more kindly put, “laugh lines”.

 Corrective Surgery


The popularity of corrective cosmetic surgery continues to grow; especially each time new techniques and safer, less invasive medical methods are developed. Eyebrow and lid lifts and removal of fatty deposits which exacerbate under-eye bags are amongst the most popular procedures utilised around the eyes.

Prevention is Risk-free 

On the other hand, if asked, virtually everyone, even many plastic surgery patients, would admit that they’d far rather look younger naturally, without surgical intervention and the risks which accompany all surgical procedures.

Using correctly prescribed natural skin and eye care products, and starting to do so earlier rather than later, is the ideal way to preserve a youthful appearance. Prevention is always the best option and carries no potential surgical risks.

Remain Younger for Longer Realistically

Today, people are economically and physically far more active for much longer; yesterday’s grannies and granddads are today’s active, adventurous and fun loving generation, so it is perfectly natural that they’d like to preserve their youthful appearance too.

Ageing is a natural part of life, a new chapter, but that does not mean that you have to look old. Growing older gracefully goes hand in hand with caring for one’s appearance and health, whilst having realistic expectations.

Good grooming and maintaining your appearance is necessary and realistic today. This is especially true now that you have access to natural products, treatments, lotions and creams which are highly effective in helping you look great for many more years than you ever thought possible.

  Treat your Eyes with Care

  • Remember that the skin around your eyes is very delicate and must be treated accordingly.
  • Use a mild, natural make-up remover to gently remove eye make-up.
  • Don’t apply any product or cosmetics to the eye area using your index or middle fingertip. Only use the fourth or ring finger in a light patting or tapping motion. This finger is weaker than the others, exerts less pressure and is less likely to stretch fragile skin.


Let one of our professionally trained consultants assess your complexion’s needs and recommend the perfect natural eye cream for you.