Arlésienne Delicious Gloss

Lips are delicately dressed with a rosy shimmer. Lips are deliciously perfumed.

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Arlésienne Delicious Gloss


A naturally rosy gloss, subtly scented with the floral notes of Arlésienne. This silky gloss dresses the lips with a rosy shimmer and leaves them deliciously scented with the floral bouquet of Arlésienne.

THE FRAGRANCE The Arlésienne trio of Provençal flowers – rose, violet and saffron – is captured in a deliciously honeyed and sweet fragrance.

THE TRUE STORY Both bold and mysterious, the Arlésienne embodies the free and confident character of a woman from the South of France. Today this young, self-assured woman celebrates her femininity as she takes her ribbon, the centerpiece of her costume. Carefully chosen to reflect her unique personality, it is attached to her hair using a technique that has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations in the French town of Arles.

THE DESIGN A lip gloss decorated in the colors of the Arlésienne ribbon. Slip into your handbag so you can use it throughout the day to keep your lips smooth and glossy. With its slanted tip, it's easy to apply.

SUGGESTION Arlésienne is also available in a collection of fragrant bodycare products that leave a captivating, feminine scent on the skin. Give in to the temptation of this floral bouquet, which brings together three flowers emblematic of Provence: rose, violet and saffron.


Apply on lips to color them and make them shine.


The Arlésienne is the L’OCCITANE woman: a luminous, mysterious woman from the south. Her unique character can be seen in the way she carries her head, in the movement of the fabric of her dress and in her distinctive shape of her feminine silhouette. The Arlésienne is like no other – she arouses creativity and inspires artists. In her wake she leaves a distinct trace of her presence. Three floral notes, each one like a trait of her character, fuse together: the fiery temprement of saffron, the grace of rose, the mystery of violet. Arlesienne


Violet from Provence (Viola Odorata leaves extract); Saffron from Provence (Crocus Sativus flower extract)


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