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An Almond Renaissance

A fruit with a velvety-soft skin and a tender heart, the almond has the distinctive ability to become firmer with time. Regardless of the way it is transformed, the Almond unveils precious beauty secrets: a nourishing oil, a softening milk… 


Almond Ingredient - Ethical Sourcing - L'Occitane

Ethical Sourcing

By using almonds grown in the south of France, L'OCCITANE supports the almond-growing business and the families it employs, such as the family farm of Mr. Jaubert, an almond grower on the Valensole plateau, in the Alps of Haute-Provence.
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Did you know?

Up until the beginning of the last century, the almond tree was a strong symbol of the Provençal landscape. But then almond cultivation was abandoned to make way for more profitable crops, such as olives and grapes, and by the 1930s, the tree had virtually disappeared from the region.

 L’OCCITANE is committed to sourcing its almonds from producers in the south of France in order to help bring back the traditional production of almonds. It closely follows the project to boost the cultivation of almond trees, led by the local Regional Chamber of Agriculture.

This project, which involves players in this industry, aims to ensure that the almond tree can once again become a familiar feature of the regional landscape. There are now over 60 hectares of cultivation.