Magnolia & Mûre Perfumed Soap

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Magnolia & Mûre Perfumed Soap


Seduce the senses with Magnolia & Mure Perfumed Soap, ever alluring with its mysterious and charming profile.

This perfumed soap foams generously when applied with water, making a creamy texture for a gentle and luxurious cleanse. Made with magnolia essential oil from the Far East and a blackberry infusion from the south of France, it leaves behind a floral and fruity fragrance.

Magnolia & Mure Perfumed Soap is part of our Grasse Collection, named after the city of Grasse in Provence. Located near the Mediterranean, the city became known as the "perfume capital of the world," by combining the cultivation of local flora with the trade of precious Eastern ingredients.


A soap with a mysterious and charming scent springs from the union of magnolia and blackberry. Lather the soap on damp skin and rinse.


Inspired by and named after the world perfume capital in the south of France, La Collection de Grasse includes stunning fragrances that combine precious ingredients from lands near and far: Jasmine & Bergamote, Magnolia & Mure, Vanille & Narcisse and Thé Vert & Bigarade. Each eau de toilette of the La Collection de Grasse is made with natural extracts which yield the purest and clearest notes. DISCOVER THE COLLECTION ON PINTEREST > La Collection de Grasse


Magnolia essential oil from the Far East
Blackberry infusion from the South of France
Plant-based soap


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