Pamplemousse Rhubarb Body Lotion

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Pamplemousse Rhubarb Body Lotion


Like the sheerest veil, the feather-light texture of this body lotion helps moisturise the skin any time of the day while leaving delicately perfumed with a vibrant, tangy scent that blends rhubarb with Corsican grapefruit over a base subtly sprinkled with spices.


Connected by their creativity and passion for natural ingredients, L’OCCITANE founder Oliver Baussan and French pâtissier Pierre Hermé – renowned for his inventive flavour combinations, have come together to create two new limited edition fragrances. Featuring original and unique combinations that evoke memories of the lands of the Mediterranean and Corsica, the island of beauty, these new collections will captivate and enchant… Pierre Hermé Edition


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