The Bouches-du-Rhône: Discovering Marseille & the Camargue

Walks, cultural tours, historical and religious monuments, beautiful scenery... The Bouches-du-Rhône department is full of idyllic places to visit. From Marseille to La Camargue, let’s zoom in on the area’s landmarks!
By Justine Fiordelli

Once you have arrived in Marseille, explore the Old Port with its unparalleled charm. Indeed, it’s impossible to go visit Marseille without making a stop here. World renowned, it’s considered the cultural and historical center of the city. Then stroll along the Canebière, the famous boulevard, and once the biggest trading post for hemp in the world. Next walk up the Rue de Paradis filled with its many local little shops where traditional Provencal crafts won’t fail to charm. Finally, continue your walk towards the Notre-Dame basilica, known as “La Bonne Mère,” or “The Good Mother;” nestled 160 meters above sea level, it offers a unique view over the whole of Marseille.

Now take the train to the Camargue - accessible from Arles station - where wild fauna and flora are waiting for you! Nature lovers take note; the program will blow you away in no time. Indeed, here, white horses, black bulls and pink flamingos are an integral part of the landscape. Near the seawall, you will most likely cross paths with a wild boar or a fox. Get out your binoculars, cameras and camcorders, the view is wonderful and worth capturing!