5 beauty essentials for a first date

A heady mixture of excitement and stress, this very first tête-à-tête is the perfect opportunity to make a good impression on your date. L'Occitane has just the right skincare products to bring out your natural beauty and ensure you have a gorgeous evening.
By Mélissa Darré

A face mask to give your skin a new lease of life

What better way for a first date than a fresh, radiant complexion? To bring out your face's natural glow, try Aromachologie Rebalancing Face Mask. Combining essential oils of cypress, juniper, lemon, thyme and eucalyptus, it purifies your skin by removing impurities and tightening its pores. Apply it onto dry skin with your fingertips, then leave for around 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Your face will be transformed with a radiant complexion that's sure to impress.

A velvety cream for beautifully soft hands

Feel feminine right down to your fingertips: don't forget to pamper your hands. While a pretty manicure is a must-have, applying a moisturiser is also essential. Our generous Almond Velvet Hands hand cream nourishes, smooths and evens out your skin, leaving a silky finish. That's not to mention its formula rich in UV filters which delivers daily skin protection with the sweet scent of almond blossom at its base. Ideal for when you slip your beautifully soft and fragrant hands into those of your date.

A tinted balm for mesmerising lips

Want to bring a touch of seduction to your beauty look while remaining natural? Follow some basic beauty rules and lipstick will definitely be your best friend. Applied after light exfoliation to remove dead skin, Peony Tinted Lip Balm Rose Nude gives your lips a creamy coating, combining the comfort of a protective balm with the fresh shade of peony. To avoid breaking the spell, remember to keep this valuable asset in your bag and top up every two hours during your date.

A nourishing oil to beautify your hair

An obvious symbol of femininity, your hair is a trump card to captivate your date. In addition to your everyday shampoo, treat yourself by applying Aromachologie Repairing Oil. Rich in sweet almond and essential oils, it contains a concentration of surprising regenerating properties which are perfect for boosting the strength and shine of your hair. Apply a few drops before styling to turn your hair into an effective weapon of seduction.

A floral fragrance to leave him wrapped around your finger

A personal signature in essence, your perfume says a lot about you without a single word. To fuel your date's desire and anchor the memory of you in his mind, wear a highly sensual scent. Nestled in the hollow of your neck, behind your ears or on your hair, Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc Eau de Toilette delightfully blends the singular notes of these precious flowers from Grasse. An exceptionally elegant and deliciously sweet bouquet which is sure to captivate your date right from the start and for a long time afterwards!

5 beauty essentials for a first date
5 beauty essentials for a first date

L'Occitane has just the right skincare products to bring out your natural beauty and ensure you have a gorgeous evening

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